Greening Powerlifting-Setting Goals and Exceeding Them

July 09, 2024

What started as a drive to succeed at a new school with a new team has now lifted into a wide future and career.

Riley Greening, son of Matt and Jamie Greening started a new school in seventh grade at North Shelby. He started with playing football, running and lifting with the team.

"Lifting soon turned into a drive of mine to set goals and accomplish them to only make new ones," Riley said.

As an eighth grader, Riley had gained 100lbs in one year by working out, training, all while still having fun. Riley was the strongest person in the weight room. Coach Stucky introduced 'Form' to lifting. From here Riley started training five days a week for two hours a day taking weekends off. He lifts at school as well as at Pinnacle Fitness in Macon.

As a sophomore, Riley went to the State Championship where he finished fifth and third.

"As a junior and senior, I have been coaching others at school to help them meet their lifting goals. I've even been messaged on social media to train others. When this happens, I send tip videos for them to learn from," shared Riley proudly.

Powerlifting is an individual sport where you are only in competition with yourself. Everyone cheers everyone on to meet their goals.

Riley graduated from North Shelby with the Class of 2024. He received a RTC Scholarship with a full tuition ride after his freshman year for a four year degree from Westminister College as an Entrepreneur Business in Sports Medicine. After college, Riley will serve eight years in the military (unknown of branch as of now) and will go in as a Captain. "I want to open my own gyms and train others to meet their goals."

Riley has a plan set to hopefully compete in the 2028 Olympics. He recently competed in the World Championship and earned third place in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Before that, he earned 14th in the Nebraska Nationals where he qualified to attend the World Championship.

"I had an intense ten week training which consisted of home, work, eat, sleep, gym, repeat. It was exhausting," said Riley.

Riley doesn't follow any specific diet, pretty much eats whatever he wants but has added protein shake intake.

"I can bench 315lbs, squat 555lbs, and dead lift 600lbs. I am in the 225lb class which means I can range my weight anywhere from 198lbs to 225lbs. I'm five foot seven inches tall. Squats are my favorite." Shared Riley.

While in competitions, there are judges on both sides of you and you have to follow each rule or it's a red light against you. Riley received 2 of 3 white lights with his depth reach with his hips just below his knee.

Riley is doing more training on snatch and hand clean. He has Nationals in 2025 to get his pro-card in Power lifting to qualify for the 2028 Olympics.

Riley added, "It has been a fun ride and I'm not done yet!"

Riley has a great group of sponsors who helps him attend these championships: C-Com Inc; Logan Agri-Service, Inc; Nutrien Ag Solutions; Delish Dish Bakery; Farmer's Elevator; Greening Eagan Hayes Funeral Home; Weisenborn Woodworking and Crafts; Community State Bank; Cakes by Kristina; Times Remembered; American Family Insurance; Salt River Outdoors; Wilcox and Williams Attorneys at Law; Channel; Tim's Home Center; Browns Furniture; Shelter Insurance; JC Auto and Truck Parts; Pinnacle Fitness; Four R-D; Ship's Tuckpointing; Latchford Farms, Clarence Care Center; KP Leatherworks; State Farm; and Red Barn Veterinary.