Does the County Know What We Do

September 11, 2023

Monroe-Ralls ran an article regarding Monroe County Developmental Board and what they do for the county. Jessica Chase, Monroe County Missouri Public Administrator-Jessica Chase, would like to share the following: Does the County know what we do??

I am the acting President for our County SB40 Board, along side with my Deputy Cassandra White as a board member.

I also currently sit on other boards: NECAC, United Way of the Mark Twain Area, Embrace Children & Families, Faithwalk Academy school board, PTSA for Paris R-II Elementary, and I also substitute within our local public schools and will soon sign up to substitute at Faithwalk Academy, a private faith based school located here in Paris MO, I am one of the resource advocates in our 10th circuit for Children's Division helping with any needs for our local foster families.

We get involved because of all the possible resources and leads for our communities to aide in the needs of our County residents.

That includes the basic duties outlined for Public Administrators, and we work closely with so many entities to aide in the care of PREVENTION of homelessness, financial exploitation, and honestly death BEFORE it becomes a hopeless situation for so many.

People say "oh you're gonna kill yourselves."

Well at least we stood by our promise to die trying.

I'd we don't, who will?

Servanthood is seeking Jesus to break our hearts for what breaks his (Casting Crowns) and we are worn slick. Our families need us just as much as we serve others, willingly- because I vow to never bargain quality of care, or compassionate care to those who are desperately in need.

We both have children still at home. This is a 24/7 job.

Pray for our families to keep allowing us to share so much of ourselves for others. We couldn't do this job without their support, and YOURS.

We needed some "wins" this week to lift our hearts from feeling so defeated, and honestly- hopeless as we have been hit with so many hurting, and needed their own spirits lifted in desperate situations. We did have a few wins and the elation in our spirits were bountiful!

We have educational material now available in lament terms to aide families in the Guardianship/Conservator navigation.

We will not turn phone calls away. Not for those dying, the homeless crisis we are facing, (literally a mother and her son right here in Paris,) or for those disabled and elderly- among our every day crisis situations. Literally the most vulnerable in our County.

If anyone knows of any other resources that we may not be connecting to, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US.

Bless each and everyone of you that supports our endeavors!

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