May 01, 2020

On Thursday, United Way of the Mark Twain Area distributed 8,600 pounds of pork to 20 area food pantries and senior centers as one of the projects the organization has tackled in their response to COVID-19.

The pork, which would have collectively cost over $20,000, was donated to the community during a time when it was very needed. Food pantries are being relied upon now more than ever before. Hogs to provide the pork were raised on local farms by farmers who contract with JBS Pork.

Processing for these hogs was completed at Central Missouri Meats & Sausage in Fulton, Mo and paid for by Continental Cement and Green America Recycling.

Transportation to get the pork back to Hannibal was provided by Brain Gaines Trucking from Bowen, IL.

Organizations receiving pork included:

Bethel Food Pantry

Douglass Community Services

Faith Walk Ministries Food Pantry

Fifth Street Baptist Church Food Pantry

First Baptist Church Food Pantry in Paris

First UMC Food Pantry

Hannibal Free Clinic

Harvest Outreach

Heartland Resources

Lewis County Food Pantry

Monroe City Food Pantry

Monroe City Senior Nutrition Center

Palmyra Area Food Pantry

Paris Senior Center

Ralls County Food Pantry

Salvation Army Food Pantry

Shelbina UMC Food Pantry

Shelby County Food Pantry

United Way of the Mark Twain Area

3062 Highway 61 North

P.O. Box 81

Hannibal, MO 63401



Shelby County Senior Citizens Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch Thousands of individuals in need in the community will benefit from this meat. Senior Centers will utilize the meat in the meals they prepare. Local food pantries will give meat out to families.

Additionally, through United Way’s COVID-19 response fund, the following mini-grants were awarded to local non-profit organizations.

 Tri-County Alliance - $10,000.00 – To assist individuals who are unable to pay bills due to unemployment because of COVID-19

 Hannibal Nutrition Center - $2,000.00 – Assist with senior feeding program

 Learning Opportunities/Quality Works - $1,000.00 – Assist organization with technology needed for employees to work from home

 Monroe City Food Pantry - $2,000.00 – Assist purchasing needed food to distribute through food pantry

 Turning Point Recovery Center - $1,000.00 – Assist with technology needs for organization to run groups and provide services

 Hannibal Alliance for Youth Success - $2,000.00 – Buddy Pack support

 Salvation Army - $2,000.00 – Funding to help purchase food for food pantry and pay hotel stays for homeless individuals who can’t stay at homeless shelter

 FACT - $1,120.00 – Pay hourly wage for employees to assemble Buddy Packs (normally done via volunteers, but due to social distancing restrictions volunteers

are not allowed)

 The Child Center - $1,500.00 – Assist organization with overhead due to lost income

The following organizations received additional financial support on top of support that had already been received through the COVID-19 Response Fund.

 Monroe City Senior Nutrition Center - $500.00 – Assist with senior food program

 Paris Senior Center - $500.00 – Assist with senior food program

 Douglass Community Services - $1,000.00 – Purchase food for Emergency Food Pantry

These mini-grants were made possible due to funding received from the community as well as a $50,000 investment from the Missouri Foundation for Health in the United Way’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

Individuals can contribute to United Way’s COVID-19 Response Fund by sending payment to PO Box 81 Hannibal, MO 63401, giving online at unitedwaymta.org/donate,

or donating through Facebook.

The United Way of the Mark Twain Area works towards the mission, “to increase the capacity of people to care for one another.” This is done by creating opportunities for individuals to give of their time, talents, and treasures to local organizations that work to empower all individuals to achieve their potential through education, financial stability, and healthy lives.