Local Schools Share Current Plans

April 16, 2020

By Robin Gregg

We are all up in the air when it comes to knowing how the school districts are and will be handling the end of the 2019-20 school year, as well as starting the new school year. Some questions just doesn’t have the answers to them yet as we are still waiting on the state and national governments to put out more guidance in the coming weeks.

I’ve reached out to local school districts on how they are planning to move forward.

Madison C-3 “We have been working hard to come up with the most equitable way to issue grades to our students for the fourth quarter. After consulting with legal agencies and following guidelines from DESE, we have decided on a system for providing grades for the second semester which will be outlined below. For grades PK-3, students will receive the same grades for the second semester as they did for the third quarter. Therefore, their third quarter grade will also be their second semester grade. For grades 4-12, students will receive a Pass/Fail grade for their second semester classes based on their third quarter grades. Any student with 60% or above in their classes for the third quarter will receive a PASS and anyone with 60% or below will receive a FAIL. - Note: Students that received below 60% in any class for the third quarter will be given the opportunity to complete work sent to them by their teacher(s) in order to raise their grade to a PASS - Note: Materials will be mailed if students do not have the opportunity to do them electronically. These items will be sent very soon as teachers are working on this stuff already. Students that attend MATC will receive a PASS/FAIL grade based on MATC's grading procedures for the Spring Semester. MATC's returning student requirements will still be followed. Students must have grades greater than a D average to return to their program next year. If a student did not pass a state-required test (i.e. the U.S. Constitution Test) a version of this test will be sent home to be done in order to comply with state requirements. ** Dual Credit Courses: Students in Dual Credit courses will receive the grade they are assigned from their college. We do not have control over these grades. These students have been aware that they must keep up with the assignments their professors have been giving out. Ultimately, we feel that this is the most equitable way to provide grades to our students for the fourth quarter. Please note that students’ GPAs will not be impacted by this semester's grades; so students and parents/guardians do not need to worry about that (on top of everything else this unprecedented situation has brought about). Also, it has been passed down to us that colleges/universities will fully understand that schools may have to use a pass/fail grading system for time missed during extended closures due to COVID-19. The grades that 9-12 students receive for the second semester will count as graduation credits. Again, as stated above, any student that had a failing grade/grades for the third quarter will be given an opportunity with ample time to do the work to raise that grade to a PASS for the semester. If you have any specific questions regarding assignments, please reach out to your child’s teacher(s) directly via email. We are still planning to have a graduation ceremony in the summer at some point. If you have any further questions please email Mr. Jones or me at the following email addresses: bjones@madison.k12.mo.us or zbruner@madison.k12.mo.us.

Paris R-II “The Paris R-II school district has been in contact with other school districts throughout the state of Missouri to determine the best course of action in regards to grading and students earning credits towards graduation. We are also following guidelines and recommendations from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In doing so, we have determined that this is the proper course of action moving forward.

Student’s third quarter grades will count as their second semester grades. We have continued to educate our students with packets and by other means since our school building was closed. The work that has been done and that will be done will be used to help determine semester grades. The work that has been completed and returned or that will be completed and returned can improve student’s semester grades up to one complete letter grade. For instance, a student with an F for a third quarter grade could improve their semester grade one letter grade to a D, thus earning a credit. Students with a D could improve to a C and so on until students with an A- could improve to an A. This grading practice follows many other districts throughout the state of Missouri and we feel fits our needs and meets our mission of “Providing a foundation for a positive future.”

Students may not receive a grade on the work that has been or will be turned in, but they should receive feedback from their teachers. The work that is completed will be recorded and will help determine if student’s semester grades will improve. Although our building is closed, school is not.” Chris Willingham

Missouri Governor Mike Parson said, “Keeping school buildings closed is the right decision to not only continue protecting the health and safety of Missouri students and teachers, but also to give educators time to transition into longer-term remote teaching and learning solutions. We know remote learning looks different in every district across the state, and I want to thank all of our educators, as well as our families at home, for stepping up and finding creative ways to continue educating our students during this difficult time.”