Publisher Note

February 13, 2023

Publisher Note

By Robin Gregg

I am excited to announce that we are bringing back the Monroe County History column this week. It will be written by Jim Foster. He has a lineup of ideas to write about and has knowledge of Monroe County history. He will do an excellent job and will be consistent every week. I've known Jim all of my life and look forward in building a working relationship with him.

This said, I need to clear up some assumptions and misunderstandings whereas the past papers are concerned from the Appeal. When the Appeal office moved from the corner to where we are currently, we chose to "STORE" all but the last two recent years at the Monroe County Historical Society due to space limitations. I and two other Monroe County Historical Society board members signed a contract in 2021 when we moved the papers over stating "Monroe County Historical Society will take possession of the Monroe County Appeal 1800's to current archives and shelving units for storage but all ownership will continue to remain with the Monroe County Appeal. Appeal gets last say in what happens to the newspapers/archives if unknown events happen in the future."

I announced this Saturday and several have said they are so glad the history column is coming back! This is the only way it will come back......There has been a lot of issues rise since we moved the papers to the Historical Society, and this weekend's occurrences made our mind up to move everything out of the Historical Society this week. I have them going to an environmental controlled and secure location where they will be properly handled and respected, as well as the opportunity for Jim to access them when he needs too. Once our detailed inventory is complete and all is set up I will let you know if you would like to access them. When or if you do, you MUST wear gloves and handle with upmost respect as they are old and brittle.