Perry Area Chamber of Commerce - January 17th Membership Meeting

January 15, 2023


January 17th - 6:30pm

-Welcome & Introductions


-Approval Needed

-Minutes & Treasurer's Report Approval

Old Business

2023 Membership
New Members - None
Membership mailers will go out in February with a return date of March

-Ralls/Monroe Paper will feature our Chamber "page" next week.
- Perry Chamber Template
-Trivia Write-up and Flyer

New Design/Branding for the Chamber
Update on Design - Need update from Dustin

Upcoming Events
Trivia Night Fundraiser - March 11[th], 2023
2023 Calendar of Events

New Business
Annual Insurance, need approval to pay
Annual Storage Unit Payment - need approval to pay annually
Ribbon Cutting for the new owner of The Junction Convenience Center - Need Date from Owner

Public Comments / Announcements

-Open Comments / Ideas


Locations of Racks
F&M Bank