Extension Office Reception

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Photo: left to right: Monroe County Presiding Commissioner, Curt Wheeler; Retired Extension Agent, Charles Rosenkrans; Eastern District Commissioner, Mike Whelan; Western District Commissioner, Marilyn O'Bannon; Extension Foundation Building Committee Chairman, Alec Fodge; Presiding Commissioner, Retiring Mike Minor; Vice Chancellor of Extension, University of Missouri, Marshall Stewart; Extension Council member, Ethan McNeill; Extension Council Member, Bob Mitchell; Northeast Region Extension Engagement Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, Jim Meyer; Northeast Regional Director, University of Missouri Extension, Mike Krauch; TPNB Bank President/CEO, Doug Burnett; Former Monroe County CES, University of Missouri Extension, Charles Holland; Leslie Rosenkrans; Monroe County Extension Admin and 4-H Youth Program Associate, University of Missouri Extension, Kathy Hasekamp; Extension Council Member, Margaret Wilkerson; Extension Council Member, Shirley Ensor; Assistant City Clerk, City of Paris, Annette Bell; Monroe County Health Department, Marie Birge; Field Specialist in Human Development, University of Missouri Extension, Jeremiah Terrell; Monroe County Health Department, Paula Delaney; Monroe County Extension and Foundation Chairman, Shelby DeOrnellis; Missouri State Representative, Kent Haden; City Clerk, City of Paris, Mary McGee; Monroe County CES, University of Missouri Extension, Carrie Elsen. Chris Chinn, Ag Secretary for state was unable to attend. Photo By Robin Gregg