Mailbox Vandalism

December 12, 2022

In the early morning hours of December 11, two, very observant, concerned citizens reported suspicious activity in the north-west portion of Monroe County. It was discovered multiple mailboxes had been vandalized in the area. During the investigation several pieces of mail were recovered. Suspects have been identified but we need your help. The Sheriff's Office has been in the area throughout the day and has documented damaged mailboxes on Rt. K, MO 151, Monroe Road 1162, and Monroe Road 1181. Several citizens have already called in to report the damage. If you have a mailbox that was damaged in the last 24 hours, please call the Sheriff's Office at 660-327-4060 so we can be certain we have each damaged mailbox documented. We will be working with the postal service to return any recovered mail as soon as possible.

Several law enforcement agencies were involved in this investigation. Special thanks to those who called in during the incident as the information they provided was vital to helping us identify the people responsible.