January 29, 2022

NEW LONDON, Mo. -- The Supreme Court of Missouri has appointed Ralls County Circuit Clerk Gina Jameson to lead its Court Clerk Education Committee. The committee's purpose is to develop and conduct educational activities for circuit clerks and deputy clerks statewide.

Jameson has served on the Court Clerk Education Committee since September 2019, served last year as the committee's co-chair and was appointed chair effective December 21, 2021. Now in her fifth term in office, Jameson first was elected Circuit Clerk and Ex- Officio Recorder of Deeds for Ralls County in November 2002. She previously handled county payroll and accounts payable as a deputy in the Ralls County Clerk's office and was a bookkeeper at Hannibal Middle School.

"When I began my career as a Circuit Clerk, I had no court or legal background," Jameson said. "In those early years, I relied on the experience of other clerks in the circuit and throughout the state. They helped me understand the details of the job, not only the 'what' but more importantly the 'why.' In the Circuit Clerk offices, we have to navigate the intricacies of the job while helping citizens understand the court process at a very stressful time in their lives. I am excited for this opportunity to give back and teach, giving clerks and deputy clerks throughout the state the tools they need to serve their communities well for years to come."

Ralls County is in the 10th Judicial Circuit along with Marion and Monroe counties. As Circuit Clerk, Jameson is responsible for maintaining records of all proceedings of the civil, criminal, domestic relations, juvenile and probate divisions of the circuit court. Her duties include processing court filings; preparing dockets; and preparing and filing summonses, warrants, orders, injunctions and judgments. As Ex-Officio Recorder of Deeds, Jameson also is responsible for recording deeds, mortgages, liens, and other orders and instruments involving property within the county.

A Ralls County native, Jameson graduated from Mark Twain High School and studied at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She is a certified court manager and previously served as regional vice president for the Missouri Circuit Clerks Association. She and her husband Kyle have two adult children and two grandchildren, all of whom live in the Ralls County area.

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