A New Miss and Jr. Miss Paris Has Been Crowned By: Lacey Shumard

by Lacey Shumard

With the night opening with a breath-taking performance of the National Anthem by Makayla Hays it was quick to see that the night was going to be filled with good entertainment and suspense as we waited to see who would be crowned the 2021 Miss and Jr. Miss Paris. The pageant had two contestants competing for the Miss Paris crown while there were eleven contestants in the running for Jr. Miss Paris.

The pageant consisted of rounds that differed between Miss and Jr. Miss. For Miss Paris, the rounds were casual wear, formal wear, and on-stage questions while the Jr. Miss contestants participated in casual wear, and the speaking round. In addition to the contestants there were the "Little Sisters" which consisted of twelve 2nd graders who participated in the practices, the opening number, and introductions. Besides the entertainment of the pageant itself they night was filled with other entertainers who kept everyone eager and ready to see what was going to be next. The nights performers consisted of Makayla Hays who sang the National Anthem and "Queens Don't" by RaeLynn and Janets Dance Studios who performed four talent filled dance numbers.

Miranda Billings and Emily Vaughn were the two young ladies who competed for the 2021 Miss Paris title. Miranda Billings is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Dana and Joey Billings. Emily Vaughn is the sixteen-year-old daughter of Celeste Vaughn and Justin Minks.

The Jr. Miss Paris Contestants were Brylie Benskin daughter of Beau and Jessica Benkin, Chloe Cockrell daughter of Trevor Cockrell and the late Ali Morgan, Addie Crain daughter of Jeff and Molly Crain, Kenzie Dodge daughter of Katie and Jason Dodge, Gracie Henry daughter of John and Kelli Henry, Sarah Morton daughter of Amanda Shumard, Madeline Shumard daughter of JC and Lacey Shumard, Katelyn Roberts daughter of Vicki and Cliff Roberts, Susannah Roberts daughter of Heath Roberts, Alyssa Webb daughter of Kayla McQueen and Tyler Webb, and Sydney Wilson daughter of Troy and Laurie Boshears.

The twelve Little Sisters were Autumn Bross, Shiloh Bross, Olivia Crain, Addilyn Crow, Kennedy Graupman, Amelia Huffman, Gracie Parks, Emma Secrease, Savannah Shivers, Maggie Shulse, Kelsey Street, and Bryn Willingham.

First award that was announced at the end of the night was the Ola Mae Ball Life Learning & Friendship Award for Jr. Miss which was awarded to Katelyn Roberts. The Jr. Miss Ticket Sales Winner was awarded to Addie Crain for selling the most tickets to the pageant while Jr. Miss Congeniality was also presented to Addie Crain. 2nd runner up for Jr. Miss Paris was Madeline Shumard, 1st runner up was Katelyn Roberts and the crown for the 2021 Jr. Miss Paris was presented to Addie Crain.
Ola Mae Ball Life, Learning & Friendship Award of Miss Paris was presented to Emily Vaughn. The Miss Paris Ticket Sales Winner was Emily Vaughn. Miss Congeniality was awarded to Miranda Billings. 1st Runner up for Miss Paris was Emily Vaughn. The 2021 Miss Paris Crown went to Miranda Billings. It takes strength and courage to be able to get up in front of a large crowd to speak and all of the contestants did an amazing job and should be very proud of themselves.