Delay in Delivery for Subscribers

May 11, 2021

The postal service is delaying the delivery of several out-of-town newspapers.

Janice has the newspapers at the post office before noon on Wednesdays and they are already bagged and tagged to be delivered Thursday or Friday. For the last two months, seven surrounding towns have been getting their papers a week to two weeks after publication. It has something to do with the Columbia sorting center.

Janice sends weekly reports and checks to the main bookkeeper on Fridays 1st Class from Paris, Mo and she receives them two to three weeks later in Canton, Mo.

The United States has to have a good postal system as we have had in the past. If you are one of many who are having issues, we invite you to reach out to your local postmaster and file a publication watch. In the meantime, if you have computer or smartphone access, we invite you to take advantage of your free online subscription.