The Leader in Me At RCE "Proving a leadership centered environment that honors the greatness in every child."

by Diana Duckworth, Counselor

The quote that keeps coming to my mind this weekend is from Charles Dicken’s novel The Tale of Two Cities. Although I can’t remember ever reading this book, I have often heard the quote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of time”. These words speak volumes. As a society, we are immensely blessed, but the addition of the coronavirus has put a shadow of fear in many of our lives. Uncertainty awaits us all.
Isabel Allende said, “We all have an unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to the test.” The Leader in Me states that happy people “choose their own weather”. I am choosing to face the test that this virus has presented in a positive way, using this time to grow personally while also reaching out to others.
Now is the time to focus on family. With school out, I will also be spending more time communicating with parents and kids through technology. I plan on thinking “outside myself” by being creative in my association with others. Social distancing will certainly create many barriers, but also open my heart to other ways to help others. Here are a few items on my “bucket list”:
Bake cookies and distribute to my neighbors. I am ashamed to admit that I have never visited many of the people in my neighborhood despite having lived here nearly two years. I plan to silently drop the cookies off on the porch with a short note that includes my phone number in case they want to call and talk. I guess with the six foot rule, I could actually yell across the fence at two of my neighbors!
Spend time reading my Bible and growing closer to God. During this time, I will certainly be praying a hedge of protection around my daughter-in-law and daughter who work in the medical community as well as other family members who cannot socially isolate from work. God bless the people who are working directly in contact with this virus. I will also be praying for our students and their families.
Send notes of encouragement to family members, friends, and people living in the nursing home and veteran’s homes.
Serve as a resource to families in our district who will possibly be facing unemployment and sickness. Our school webpage contains a list of resources available in our community. As more resources become available, I will continue to update this list.
Contact students letting them know that I care about them.
Pray for our administrators, school board, students, churches, and community.
I am sure that many of us are making mental notes on how we can face our current reality with grace and purpose. Past generations have faced the Great Depression, polio epidemics, world wars, smallpox, and other tragic situations. I have no doubt that we will emerge from this epidemic stronger than ever and definitely with a greater appreciation for all the blessings we have been given.
If you are in need, please feel free to email me at I would be glad to offer words of encouragement or try to connect you with resources to help you during this time. Pulling together, we can make it through this.