Commission Meeting Open Via ZOOM

by Laurie Means

The Commissioners met in the Courthouse on Monday, March 23, 2020, with the public able to dial into the meeting through ZOOM.
The order issued by Governor Parson over the weekend was discussed. People are not to gather in groups of 10 or more and are to discontinue dine-in service at restaurants and convenience stores.
Ron Haught, Chief Deputy at Ralls County Sheriff’s Department added that expired licenses will be extended for 60 days. Carry Conceal permits that are or will expire soon are also extended for 60 days. He also advised that they have been unable to get or order thermometers to check the temperature of anyone needing to enter the courthouse (example – for court).
Tanya Taylor, Director of Ralls County Health Department called into the meeting and shared that she had been in contact with restaurants and convenience stores/stations in the county and most of those contacted had already implemented the changes. She also reported that, as of Sunday, there were no Covid-19 cases reported in Ralls County and 106 cases reported statewide.
Gina Jameson, Ralls County Recorder of Deeds, had advised Commissioners over the weekend that she will contact the title companies and ask that they not come in to do title research unless it is absolutely necessary.
The Commissioners took a call from Invenergy in regards to questions that had been asked previously by the Commissioners. Wiley Hibbard, Presiding Commissioner, advised the Invenergy representative that any and all future information will need to be send via email or letter. He also expressed his displeasure with this company sending a person from New York to stay in Columbia, both of which locations have reported Covid-19 cases, to go door to door in Ralls County during this medical crisis. Commissioner Hibbard asked that they stop all “face-to-face” contact immediately and advised that Governor Parson will be asked to intervene on this issue. Hibbard asked for a statement, in writing, that this person does not have the Corona virus. He also requested that anyone who is talking with citizens of Ralls County should have identification on them, like a business card, that identifies who they are working for or contracted to work for. Hibbard asked for the name and contact information for someone who could actually effect change to Invenergy’s policy and procedures, so he can talk direct to that person. He further stated that he and the other commissioners have too many things going on at this time to have to be dealing with this issue, too. The information that Invenergy had planned to verbally share at this meeting will be emailed to the Clerk’s office.
The Commissioners signed an ordinance and a resolution, both of which are available from the Ralls County Clerk’s Office. The Ordinance is titled: Utilities Construction and Maintenance and which outlines specific details for utility companies interfering in the use of county roads and crossings for installation or maintenance of utilities. The Resolution is titled: A RESOLUTION Supporting the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution which states that Ralls County will become a sanctuary county for firearms banned by the State of Missouri and will not enforce any laws passed by the State that infringe on the Second Amendment rights of Ralls County Citizens. For more information on either of these documents, please contact the Ralls County Clerk’s Office at 573-985-7111.
The next meeting of the Commission will be Thursday, March 26, at 9 a.m. and the public is welcome to join the meeting by dialing on landline to 1-773-231-9226 or by cell phone at 773-231-9226 and then keying in the meeting ID# 217-277-9998.