What Are You Missing?

March 27, 2020

By Robin Gregg

We asked our Facebook readers, “What are you not able to do right now because of COVID-19 that you miss terribly?” Because let’s face it, we all take things for granted until we no longer can do them. Here are a few responses we received out of 36.

Kathy Hasekamp “I love my immediate family with all my heart but I miss my parents and family and friends and people. Social media and zoom meetings and Skype just doesn’t do it. I hope we all come out on the other side of this with that realization of how blessed we are and never forget it.”

Miyuki Williams “Track meets with the Paris HS kids. I love watching and cheering for each and every one of them! This is always my favorite time of year.”

Wilda Gregg “Going to church to learn more about the Bible and our Lord Jesus.”

Ashley Crow; Tracy Huffman; and Holly Parn “Missing and Teaching my students at school.”

Nancy Mitchell Hines “Visiting family & friends, eating in a restaurant and volunteering!”

Mandy Farrell “Miss seeing all my daycare kiddos”

Jenel Hammock “Sad this is going to ruin family time for Easter.”

There were several responses mentioning “not being able to visit family, attend church, going to work or even the park”. What are you not able to do right now that you miss doing?