Winds of Faith

March 24, 2021

Freedom in Christ
Much talk today of freedom. If we do things this way, that's freedom, or if we do things this other way, that's freedom. The author of confusion is very busy, in all of it. The word tells us that you died and your life is hidden in Christ Jesus. (Freedom!) The author of the old hymn, The Haven of Rest, captures the essence of freedom, as he pens of faith taking hold of the word, “My fetters fell off and I anchored my soul.”

Young or old, imagine the day you have the chains of this old world struck from your wrists and legs and are free to go. Only Christ can do that. (Freedom!!!)

Until you are free to die, you are not free to live!!!

Pastor Tim Sanders

Winds of Faith Ministries

My fetters fell off and I anchored my soul. The haven of rest is my Lord.

(Question ????) Are you free to die?

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