Disaster Assistance Available for Livestock Losses

February 24, 2021

The Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) provides assistance to producers for livestock deaths in excess of normal mortality caused by adverse/extreme weather such as the recent Polar Vortex event experienced here in northeast Missouri. Some disease related losses can also be eligible for compensation based upon veterinarian certifications that the livestock deaths were directly related to adverse weather and unpreventable through good animal husbandry and management. The Monroe County Committee will review the measures a livestock owner took to protect the livestock in relation to shelter for young animals that were most susceptible to death from cold temperatures. Per the Committee’s review, all livestock will have to have had best management practices applied, regardless of the loss condition.

For 2021 livestock losses, producers must file a notice within 30 calendar days of when the loss is first apparent. Producers then must provide documentation acceptable to the Monroe County FSA Committee to substantiate inventory numbers. Additionally, producers are then required to provide acceptable proof of death records that identifies the number of head lost by date and the kind/type and weight range of lost animals.
USDA has established normal mortality rates for each type and weight range of eligible livestock, i.e. Adult Beef Cow = 1.5% and Non-Adult Beef Cattle (less than 250 pounds) = 5%. These established percentages reflect losses that are considered expected or typical under “normal” conditions. The LIP program will compensate producers for lost livestock in excess of the expected normal mortality IF adequate records can be provided to substantiate those losses.
In addition to filing a notice of loss, a producer must also submit an application for payment by March 1, 2022.

For more information, contact the Monroe County FSA Office at 660 327 4137 ext 2 or visit fsa.usda.gov.