Delay in Delivery for Subscribers

February 19, 2021

By Robin Gregg

Each week Janice Carman, Monroe-Ralls Office Manager, receives phone calls from some of our print subscribers asking where their mailed newspaper is. I’d like to share the process our office goes through week by week.

The Monroe-Ralls news deadline is Friday 5pm for all advertising and Monday 10am for all articles. We work on strict layout space on Mondays and Tuesday mornings. After the layout is completed, it is emailed to our printers (out of state) on Tuesday afternoons. Our online version of the newspaper is available every Tuesday afternoon.

Janice delivers all papers to the post offices by noon on Wednesday’s, then the out-of-town bags of papers are sent to the processing plants (Columbia and St. Louis) the delivery process is out of our control when they are dropped off at these Post Offices (New London, Perry, Monroe City, Shelbina, Madison, Holliday, and Paris). We don’t know why they aren’t getting delivered nor do we know where it may be or why you are receiving it a week later. Those are questions you need to ask your post office because we do our part as far as printing address labels and delivering those papers to the appropriate post office.

If you have a change of address please get that change to us as soon as possible because they will not forward a newspaper to the new address.

There is one way to always receive your newspaper on time, which is utilizing your online subscription which is included in your print subscription. If you currently have a print subscription and need online access, please contact us and we will be happy to get you set up.