Ralls County Land Transfers Filed in December

January 19, 2021

Matthew Robert Harvey & Amanda Jean Harvey to Daniel A Pinkham Jr & Deanna G Pinkham – 15 56N 05W E2SE4

Hector A Rivera & Patricia Ann Rivera to Dane M Derksen – Lost 2, 3, & 4 Block 8 LAKE HANNIBAL ESTATES SUBDIVISION
Teresa K Evans, Brian Evans, Lisa Willing, Matthew Willing, Tammy Willing, & Kenneth Michael Willing to Shane Niffen & Amy Niffen - Lots 2 & 3 Block 16 DUNLOP & FOSTERS ADDITION CENTER
Richard D Boling to Richard Keith Boling 23 56N 06W W2NE4

Steve Lewton Agency Inc to Ryan Flynn Construction LLC - 06 55N 04W NW4
Donald W Barnes Elizabeth A Barnes to AWI EDUDA II LLC – 05 55N 06W SW4
Thomas Richardson Nancy Richardson to Brookside Investments LLC – 25 54N 07W SE4NW4

The Ray D Silvey And Patricia F Silvey Revocable Living Trust - Ray D Silvey Trustee Patricia F Silvey Trustee to Tony D Pogrelis, Kevin Robley, & Julia C Robley – Lot 5 04 55N 03W NW4, Lot 5 05 55N 03W NE4. Lot 4 05 55N 03W NE4, Lot 3 05 55N 03W NE4

Douglas Beach Personal Representative Estate of Sally Lee Beach Deceased to Merrick W Crane & Samie S Crane - 22 56N 04W NW4SW4
P Michael McKay & Margaret R McKay to Jeffery Michael McKay & Krista L McKay – 02 56N 05W E2SE4
Paul E Norman Jr & Virginia Carol Norman to Kevin Flavell & Debra Flavell - Lot 7 Block 7 MARTINS ADDITION PERRY

P Michael McKay & Margaret R McKay to Jerry L Motley & Carla A Motley – 11 56N 05W S2

Terry L Everly & Marilyn A Everly to Clinton L Conrad – 03 55N 05W NE4, 03 55N 05W NE4, & 03 55N 05W NE4

Lewis F Brolaski & Jean L Brolaski to Brolaski Properties LLC – Lot 4 04 55N 07W NW4

Lewis F Brolaski, Jean L Brolaski, & Glenn A Brolaski to Brolaski Properties LLC – Lot 4 04 55N 07W NW4

Kiefer Dale Freihoff & Denise A Freihoff to Ronald P Schwab & Linda Kay Manes 35 56N 07W SW4SE4
Michael Russell, Dawn Russell, & Jacqueline Russell Barron to Megan Lynn Trantham – Lots 7, 8, 9, and 10 Block 7 KEITHLYS ADDITION CENTER
Daniel R Bush and Debra J Bush Family Revocable Living Trust, Daniel R Bush Trustee & Debra J Bush Trustee to Garry M Bals Andrea C Bals - 13 56N 06W NE4 & 13 56N 06W E2SE4 & 18 56N 05W SW4 NW4
Industrial Valley Properties INC to Garry M Bals, Andrea C Bals, Garry M Bals, & Andrea C Bals – 13 56N 06W NE4 & 13 56N 06W E2SE4 & 18 56N 05W SW4 NW4
Community State Bank of Missouri to Eugene B Shields & Julie L Shields – Lot 1 Block 1 PAISLEYS SUBDIVISION PERRY

The Elliott Family Trust, Harold D Elliott Trustee to Lewanna M Elliott – Lot 1 06 55N 03W NE4, 06 55N 03W NW4, & 01 55N 04W NE4

Gregory Fleming to Douglas Falk Lisa Falk – 10 SW4SW4
Ronald L Votaw & Stacy A Votaw to John Marhanka Denise Marhanka – Tracts I &II 31 55N 06W E2NW4

Robin W Tapley Pamela A Tapley to Jacob David Borror – 36 56N 05W
William H Harris and Nancy E Harris Revocable Trust to Kalin T Schultz – 17 55N 06W NE4
Shirley Patrick to Ronald D Dungan & Twila L Dungan – 13 56N 04W
Robert A Gray & Susan M Gray to Thomas R Thomsen – 32 56N 03W S2
Robert A Gray & Susan M Gray to Robert J Mainieri Nickolas J Mainieri – 32 56N 03W S2S2

Millsap & Singer PC Michael Diamond Stephanie Diamond to Kondaur Capital Corporation as Separate Trustee Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2019-4 - 05 55N 03W NE4

Russell E Roy & Gwen E Roy to Jeriod Turner and Leah Turner Trust, Jeriod Turner Trustee & Leah Turner Trustee - 18 56N 05W SW4SW4

Robert E Woodrow & Rosa F Woodrow to Donald P Pangburn & Linda R Pangburn - Lots 1 & 2 Block 3 YANCEYS ADDITION PERRY
Ronald L Horn & Thomas L Horn to Thomas L Horn Michelle L Horn – 11 55N 06W S2NE4 & 11 55N 06W N2SE4

Ronald L Horn to Thomas L Horn Michelle L Horn – 11 55N 06W S2NE4 & 11 55N 06W N2SE4
Craig A Estes Marsha A Estes to Hooker Family Trust, John G Hooker Trustee & Jerri R Hooker Trustee – 11 56N 05W SW4
Charity Dawn Armour Brian Lee Armour – 16 55N 04W SE4SE4
John Paul Stanek Jr and Janelle Ann Stanek Joint Revocable Living Trust, John Paul Stanek Jr Trustee & Janelle Ann Stanek Trustee to Timothy Robert Stanek & Aprile Nicole Stanek – 20 54N 05W W2

Mark Steven Ledford, Jean Ledford, Michael Ray Ledford, Sherri Gail Ledford, Gary Wayne Ledford, & Debra Ledford to Gollaher Riefesel LLC – Lots 16 & 17 54N

Wasinger Parham LC - John M Ardrey to HNB Bank – Lot 5 Block 13 DUNLOP & FOSTERS ADDITION CENTER
Mark R Meyer & Laura A Meyer to Brian Woodhurst & Delores Woodhurst - 07 54N 06W SW4

Charles M Schmidt Brittany Schmidt to Tami J OHaver – Lot 4 Block 4 SPLAWNS ADDITION CENTER
Cecil N Scott III Attorney in Fact, Brian A Scott Attorney in Fact, & Paulina Scott to Steven R Lewton & Michelle Lewton – Lot 16 NORWOODS SUBDIVISION

Mark Twain Landing LLC to Great Escapes Mark Twain LLC & NA - Mark Twain Landing LLC – 11 55N 07W E2, 10 55N 07W SE4, 11 55N 07W NE4SW4, & 10 55N 07W SE4
The City of Hannibal to Zhongding Sealing Parts USA INC Lot 2 WEST SIDE INDUSTRIAL HANNIBAL

Lewis Jade S to Welch Vicki Lee 12 56N 05W SW4NW4
Austin Simmons & Sarah Simmons to Robert A Seymour & Elizabeth J Seymour - JAMESON 1753 NEW LONDON
Neva Eikenberry to Tina M Griffith - Lot 55

Wilson Tree Farms LLC to Philip M Thompson and Donna M Thompson Living Trust – 16 56N 07W SW4
John Neipert to Allen Perry & Emily Perry – Lots 7 & 8 Block 12 PERRY

Twila L Dungan to Ronald D Dungan & Connie Dungan - 13 56N 04W

Thomas Franklin Cox & Michelle Marie Cox to Kevin Lionberger & Brandi Lionberger – 30 55N 04W SW4

to James C Ludwig & Brittney R Ludwig – 23 56N 05W SE4
Jerry D Benn & Linda J Benn to Joseph L Underhill & Kaitlyn R Underhill – 23 56N 05W SE4

Lucas P Mcclelland to Zachary Ezell & Athena Ezell – 22 56N 05W W2NW4

Lucas Paul Mcclelland to Mark R Meyer & Laura A Meyer – 25 56N 06W SW4SE4 & 25 56N 06W S2SW4

Bruce A Bryant & Andrea Bryant to Darin A Dodd & Kimberly A Dodd – CONDO # B-3 PINE LAKE VILLAGE CONDOMINIUMS
Grand View Burial Park INC to Christine A Evans – Lots 4 & 5 Block 4 MASONS ADDITION CENTER
Jackie M Reynolds Sandra S Reynolds to Scott J Swihart, Shelly M Swihart, & Raymond W Diederich – 21 55N 06W W2NE4

Unionville Sportsman Club Inc to Steven C White & Valerie J White – 32 56N 06W E2NE4

Steven C White & Valerie J White to Melvin Keller - 32 56N 06W E2NE4
Mark Q Long, Donna Long, William E Shaw, & Trudy M Shaw to Mark Q Long Donna Long – 36 55N 07W NE4NW4

Robert Virgil Meeker II to Christopher J Davis – 05 56N 07W NW4
Bruce E Altorfer Revocable Trust, Bruce E Altorfer Trustee to Elisa Altorfer McBroom – Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 32,33, 34, & 35 STILLWELLS FIRST ADDITION

Stephanie Carper to Samuel J Williams & Dalyne N Williams – Lots 2 & 3 SMITH LAKEVIEW SUBDIVISION PERRY
Michael G Flaspohler & Melissa A Flaspohler to Davis Jorg Jackson & Emily Kate Jackson – 17 56N 04W SW4

Jean L Brolaski to Glenn A Brolaski – LOT 3 LAKEVIEW WOODS
James P Miller & Lola P Miller to Ethan Dameron & Jill Dameron - 08 55N 04W SE4

Fred E Cory to Mildred E Cory - 03 54N 07W NW4 & 03 54N 07W W2NW4
Mildred K Cory to David B Cory - 03 54N 07W NW4 & 03 54N 07W W2NW4
Bradley D Cagle Sherry A Cagle to Cagle Family Trust, Kenneth R Cagle Trustee & Ellen K Cagle Trustee -27 56N 07W S2
Parker Kendrick, Janice R Kendrick, Theresa Kay Johnson, Douglas A Dexter, & Rebecca Dexter to Parker Kendrick & Janice Rae Kendrick – 14 56N 07W N2SW4 & 14 56N 07W NW4SE4
Benson Land LLC to Aaron and Courtney Benson Living Trust, Aaron Benson Trustee & Courtney Benson Trustee - 10 56N 07W E2 & 10 56N 07W NE4NE4

Wasinger Parham LC to Cody Hees – LOT 4 BLOCK 2 MASONS ADDITION CENTER
Joseph W Hoffman Living Trust, Joseph W Hoffmann Trustee & Carol A Hoffmann Trustee to Roger and Dana Carter Trust, Roger L Carter Trustee & Dana M Carter Trustee – 05 54N 06W NW4
Zhongding Sealing Parts USA INC to Flippin Bird LLC – LOTS 2 & 7 WEST SIDE INDUSTRIAL HANNIBAL
Edward G Meyer and Betty L Meyer Trust, Pamela J Roy Trustee to Kenneth Curtis Phillips & Lesa N Phillips – 29 55N 06W