Tammy Breid

October 28, 2020

We would like to send our deepest apologies to Tammy Bried who is running for Monroe County Assessor. This was a simple human error and was inadvertently missed. Below is Tammy's information:

Political Office: Monroe County Assessor

Name of Candidate: Tammy Thomas Breid

Current Position: Bookkeeper for MFA Agri Service Center, Centralia, Mo
Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Management from William Woods University

Family Information:
Daughter of the late Larry and Karolyn Thomas. Wife to David Breid for 36 years. We have two children, daughter Lauren Trustee (Jeremy), son Chase Breid (Stephanie), three awesome grandchildren; Kinslee (11), Talen (2) and Cade (2).

Organization Affiliations:
Member of the First Christian Church of Madison, Fire Fighter and First Responder Madison West Monroe Fire District. EMT for the Monroe County Ambulance District.

Political Experience:
If elected this will be my first experience in the political sector.

Why are you running for this office:
I just love to work with and help others. In a very real way, that is what an Assessor does; he or she works to assure fair assessments so revenue can be obtained to maintain our shared experiences in Monroe County. I feel years of financing farms, autos and real estate and the knowledge and experience I’ve gained so doing, will be of benefit to the office of Assessor and the residents of Monroe County.

What do you believe are the top issues:

In my estimation, the largest issue facing the Assessor’s Office is ensuring that the county remains up to date on valuations as well as assuring that we are in line with State mandates. In addition, making sure we are up to date on technology, look for gaps in hardware and software, and move to close those gaps in a timely and monetarily responsible manner.

Employment History:
I spent most of my adult career in banking, 36 years to be exact, having achieved the rank of Vice President I retired from banking in 2018. After realizing early on that retirement wasn’t for me, I pursued a couple of different interest. I am currently employed as a bookkeeper by MFA Agri Service in Centralia, MO,

Years lived in Monroe County:
My entire life. 55 years.

What in your background has prepared you to assume the office you seek?

During the course of my 36 years in banking, I have worked closely with assessors, recorders, collectors, appraisers, real estate professionals, title companies, surveyors and examiners as well as with lenders and clients, all in the surrounding area. I am familiar with finance regulations at the state and federal level. I also have experience with personnel management having supervised a number of different employees over the years.

What do you consider the strongest asset you would bring to the office?
I think my drive and determination to get things done and done correctly would be one of my strongest assets. I am not afraid to work hard and work until the job is complete.

What changes would you make for your office to run more efficiently and the serve the public?
Assess our current inventory of technology, look for gaps in hardware and software and move to close those gaps in a timely and monetarily responsible manner. Also, enact and open-door policy for everyone who has an expectation of service from the Monroe County Assessor’s office.

Why should voters select you?

I believe that my education and experience in the banking industry, as well as my vision for the Office of Assessor makes me the most qualified candidate running for the office. I believe new ideas and a fresh perspective will be of great benefit to the residents of Monroe County.