Welcome to our new web site

We hope you like some of the on-line changes we are making and we certainly want to hear from you if you don’t. Our mission, as it has been for the past 150 years, is to strengthen communities by providing local news and editorial. Some of the features of this new website are:

  • An extensive calendar of upcoming community events
  • An extensive calendar of auctions in Lewis and neighboring counties
  • Directory of education, businesses, religious and civic organizations
  • For subscribers only: news as it happens. Each news story will be posted right after it is written so that you can stay up-to-date between our paper editions
  • For subscribers only: the ability to comment and discuss on news stories
  • For subscribers only: a variety of different contests in which subscribers can participate
  • For subscribers only: an extensive gallery of pictures from events around Lewis county
  • For subscribers only: an archived section of printed newspapers

Paper subscriptions are $29 for Lewis County residents, neighboring counties is $40 and the rest of Missouri and all other states is $48. Subscriptions to the web site will be included at no additional charge to our paper subscribers and also available for a web-only price of $15 per year.


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