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10th District Representative Jim Hansen’s Latest Capitol Report

As many of you are aware, recently the Grain Belt Express Clean Line project filed their official request for public utility status with the Public Service Commission.  I have had the opportunity to listen to constituents and attend meetings all across the district regarding concerns over the proposed project. Many of these concerns revolve around the use of eminent domain and how structures associated with the project might devalue private property.  After hearing concerns from constituents for several months now, and as an adamant opponent of eminent domain, I cannot support this project. Although I will not be voting on this, I have filed my opposition in the form of a letter to the Public Service Commission.  You can let your voice be heard regarding this matter by contacting the public counsel at:
Lewis Mills, Public Counsel
Governor Office Building
Suite 650
200 Madison Street
P.O. Box 2230
Jefferson City, MO

The telephone number is (573) 751-4857
Toll-free: 1-866-922-2959

This week was incredibly busy in the Missouri House. We passed 13 Budget Bills leading to the successful completion of a balanced budget. I wanted to provide you with some of the highlights from the budget. 

K-12 Education

  1. $278m increase for the Foundation Formula ($122m GR and $156m Surplus Revenue) which would make the K-12 education budget the largest in in state history.
  2. $8.2m for Missouri Preschool Program in unaccredited and provisionally accredited districts.
  3. $3.5m for reading programs in unaccredited and provisionally accredited districts.
  4. $1m increase in Parents as Teachers.
  5. $1m increase for Teach for America.
  6. $25m increase to transportation funding.
  7. $29m increase in First Steps Program

Higher Education

  1. 3% increase to the core at every university and community college in the state.
  2. $10m in equity funding for community colleges.
  3. Full ride loan forgiveness for Bright Flight recipients who stay and work in Missouri.
  4. $20m increase for Access Missouri.
  5. $6.7m increase for A+ Scholarship Program.
  6. $1.5m in UMSL equity funding

Economic Development

  1. $4.5m for matching funds to Early Stage Business Development Grants.
  2. $5m increase to MTC.
  3. $400k to Certified Work Ready Communities.
  4. $5m increase to Tourism.

Moving Missouri Forward

  1. $7.2m in payments to the Biodiesel incentive fund.
  2. 1% pay raise for state employees.
  3. $25/month deferred compensation match for state employees.
  4. Eliminated the Development Disabilities waitlist.
  5. Money for an extra day of courier service to the state lab and money for the lab to run on the weekends for newborn screening test results.
  6. Expand dental coverage to adult Medicaid recipients to cut down on emergency room visits.
  7. $600k in highway safety improvements
  8. $500k in Alternatives to Abortion

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions comments or concerns you might have!  It is a pleasure serving as your state representative.

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